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Dogs have natural pre-programmed behaviours such as; barking, chasing, hunting, stalking, scenting, tracking, retrieving and digging. These behaviours are not particularly welcome on a golf course, if you are playing or someone else is!

I have two Labrador retrievers. For thousands of years Labradors have been genetically programmed to retrieve, and one of them, Baxter, believed that it was his job to use his innate retrieval skills on the golf course. He would “mark” the flight of the ball and scent to find it, retrieve, and then drop it at my feet! All excellent work for a Labrador retriever, but not on the golf course!

A training programme was put in place, and the “penny dropped”. Within a few weeks he was able to play 18 holes with me, and is an excellent golf dog. His natural retrieval abilities are put to use elsewhere and he can differentiate between the golf course and on a shoot.

golf1Puppy golf:

Socialisation programme: 11 weeks onwards

Puppies under 11 weeks can be carried

All these points mentioned below can be scary to a puppy, so the sooner they are exposed under the correct training programme the better. This enables them to cope with ease later in life.

Puppy training: 11 weeks to 20+ weeks.


Adolescent training: 20+ weeks

 Adult Training:

Dogs of any age can learn, it just may take a little longer.

Dogs get into patterns of behaviour very quickly. As soon as you recognise a problem, it is very important to deal with it as soon as possible. The more the dog repeats the behaviour, the more it will become ingrained.

Common problems:

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