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Dog Behaviour Advice

Problems can occur with any breed at any stage during a dog’s life. If you are experiencing problems I will ask you to fill out the New Client Form, detailing the problem(s) and other information about your everyday life with your dog. I will then contact you for a home visit.

not enjoying each other's companyBehavioural problems can mean that you and your dog are not enjoying each other’s company as you should. Some problems can be cured, whilst others can be improved or managed.

There are a number of reasons why your dog may display problem behaviours. He may be under-socialised with people and other dogs when he was a puppy, or may have gaps in his training. He may be bored, over-boisterous, or his behaviour may be due to insecurity and anxiety. Identifying the possible reasons for problem behaviours can help in rectifying them quickly.

Many breeds are prone to specific behavioursThe type of breed can play a part in problem behaviours. Some dogs were bred to hunt, some guard, and others to herd livestock. Many breeds are prone to specific behaviours and this can lead to problems. It is important to look at the breed profile, to ensure the correct and suitable training and socialising programme takes place for that particular breed.

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