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Unknown-4At 6 months old, our malamute puppy Berwyn suddenly thought it was a fabulous idea to start chasing things.  Big, fast things!  Joggers, cyclists and Horses to be specific. No matter what we did he just wouldn’t come back until we finally caught up with him – and the usually annoyed jogger/rider.

We met Corinne on a walk in the park and we immediately felt comfortable with her techniques and that she could help us.   She came over for a two hour intensive training session a few short weeks later and his behaviour immediately began to improve.  She took us through focus training which gets Berwyn’s attention off of the distraction, onto us and TREATS!

The postive click and reward techniques really works with him and he knows the sound of that click!  Corinne also taught us the power of the whistle and how to know when he is listening.  This coupled with the click and treat has made a vast improvement to his recall.  It has been about 6 weeks now and he completely blanks joggers and cyclists.  We’re still working on the horses, but have seen a vast improvement. And we feel like we’re back in control thanks to Corinne’s help and expertise.

Katie & Carl.


I just wanted to say thank you for the training and advice yesterday – it is like we have a brand new puppy.



He went to bed with no fuss and aside from when Mark took him out for one last garden visit he only woke once because he needed to go outside. There was no howling – just a bit if a whimper to wake us up and then straight back to bed and sleep – again with no fuss – and then this morning he stayed nice and quiet until I came downstairs. I was even later than normal because I hadn’t had my usual wake up call!

He obviously needed all the stimulation yesterday and is feeling more relaxed.  He seems to love the exercises so we will continue practicing and hopefully we will also get his harness today and get him out and about more.

Anyway – as I said – thank you!

Have a great day.

Best wishes

Angela – Wandsworth



My wife and I had dogs all our married life and thought we knew how to train them to a certain level. But when my wife fell ill it became important that Bruce, then 20 months old, became a professionally trained dog. He is a golden retriever and at 20 months would still jump up at visitors to the front door, chase after horses and runners on Wimbledon Common and behave erratically on a lead. He was also very possessive and would steal scarves, gloves and all sorts of articles.

I called Corinne for help and very soon, using her clicker technique, we were teaching Bruce to sit and stay on command, walk with a loose lead, ignore runners and horses and react immediately to a recall. He also learned to stay “off” items that didn’t belong to him and greet people without jumping. The training from Corinne was as important for me as for Bruce.

Bruce is now a pleasure to take anywhere. I take him for walks both on a lead and on the Common without worry and in the knowledge that both he and I know the consistent commands and reactions required. We go to friends’ homes and to pubs for lunch and he is especially patient around my grandchildren who vary in age from one to six.

More recently I asked Corinne to help me achieve an ambition of playing golf with Bruce, a task I considered would be difficult to achieve. After two sessions with Corinne and thanks to the previous efforts in training, Bruce was able to manage a full 18 holes and is now so happy to go to golf! My friends and I love having him as company on the golf course.

Corinne taught me how to behave consistently with Bruce and he now knows his boundaries and what is expected of him. He gets it and he loves his life (and Corinne)!

Darryl, West Wimbledon and Bruce

junoWe had never owned a dog when we decided to look for a new puppy. We researched different breeds and cross breeds and settled on a cockapoo and so one day last autumn we brought home a little bundle of fun resembling a teddy bear and called her Juno. Then we realised just how little we knew about dogs.

As with everything these days, we googled for help and discovered, among many, the Barking Mad website. We liked everything we found on there and gave Corinne a call.

She swept into our house soon afterwards, and we felt our shoulders drop with relief. Corinne exudes confidence, and dogs just know immediately that she’s in charge. Her aim was to give us some of that confidence. She led us through those first few weeks, being so patient and positive.

Our training sessions were fantastically helpful and she returned all e-mails and phone calls and generally calmed our shredded nerves. Our default position for long after the sessions were over was ‘What would Corinne say?’.

We’re so grateful that she set us on a steady course and we couldn’t be happier with our new well-adjusted, well-behaved (mainly!) addition.

YML, Putney

pabloIt has been a real insight doing basic puppy training for Pablo with Corinne. We thought Pablo had a fairly good sit / lie down etc… but quickly realised that there was much to learn! Using the clicker method and positive reinforcement, we now have a really happy dog who loves his training as much as we do. Pablo even brings us the clicker now off his own accord. Corinne is extremely patient and encouraging, happy to answer any and all of our questions. Thank you Corinne for introducing us to such a brilliant training method and for communicating it so clearly and personally to us.

Hannah, Catherine and Pablo

cookieDear Corinne,

We just wanted to thank-you for your invaluable advice and puppy training for Cookie. From the first days of teaching her and us the all important recall to our first outing to Wimbledon Common, you have provided us with the training tools to help our dog develop into the family pet we have always wanted. It is so reassuring to have someone on hand to help with the day to day practicalities of puppy ownership. For anyone contemplating buying a dog, I would wholeheartedly endorse your services and we look forward to continuing to work with you as Cookie grows up.

Sarah from Putney

oscar2Oscar is our 5 month old Vizsla puppy. He is such a beautiful and soppy boy, but equally, pretty intelligent and we knew pretty early on that we needed to be one step ahead with him! We did a lot of research about the breed before committing and knew that we wanted to have a well trained, obedient and happy dog. We contacted Corinne to help us with puppy training and obedience and are so pleased that we did. She has been amazing! Corinne has equipped us with lots of fantastic advice, information and support regarding keeping ‘on top’ of Ozzy.’

Oscar couldn’t believe his luck when Corinne first arrived. She brings lots of exciting toys and his favourite…hot dog treats! She has really helped us to teach him manners, patience, recall and commands. We have also been given lots of advice and tips dealing with his occasional puppy tantrums. Oscar absolutely loves his training sessions with Corinne. She has definitely given us the confidence we needed as new puppy owners and we have really enjoyed her visits. What has really meant a lot to us is that we have felt so supported by her. Her service doesn’t just finish at the end of a session. She has always answered any questions or concerns we have had and we really feel that she genuinely cares about the three of us.

Corinne came with us on our first walk after all the injections were finished on Wimbledon Common. I am so pleased we found you Corinne and we started training Ozzy early as it has definitely paid off.

Victoria and Tom – Tooting. Oscar who is 5 months old.

shadowCorinne has changed Shadow’s life and thereby changed ours! When we got our first ever puppy, we were like many first-time parents – keen to learn, but didn’t really have a clue. We went, as advised, to puppy classes. Our intelligent dog did well there, but no-one told us (or we didn’t hear) that we needed to keep up the training in order that Shadow would know who was in charge. Fast forward five years and we had an over-excited dog who clearly found the world a scary place, so had to rush around everywhere like a demented toddler on a sugar rush, checking everything out. Once Corinne explained to us that dogs need their humans to make all the important decisions and tell them what they can and can’t do, we embarked on a training regime that has worked brilliantly. It was fairly hard work in terms of always being consistent and paying attention all the time when out on walks, but it has paid off. We now have a relaxed but alert dog, who is constantly checking back with us when out on walks, will come as soon as she is called, but will also go off and chase squirrels etc when we tell her it’s OK.

We can now walk on Wimbledon Common and all be relaxed. Thanks Corinne, from Cathy, Adrian and Shadow- Southfields

baxterBaxter is our four year old Westie. We called on Corinne when, after years of happy walks with a variety of walkers, Baxter started refusing to go out with his dog walkers and actually bit one of them when he tried to collect him from our house – very traumatic for him and for us.

We were mystified as to why Baxter had started behaving this way and needed help. With her doggy insight and expertise, Corinne was able to point out all the little things that were making Baxter uncomfortable when we left him for walkers to collect – being left in our kitchen where he could feel trapped and intimidated because of lack of space, how nervous he was of being touched around his head and generally what a sensitive little soul he was (maybe not so much the tough little scrapper we thought). We had also failed to correct barking and territorial behaviour when strangers came to call, which had fed his insecurity.

Corinne worked with us to overcome Baxter’s nervousness around being handled and to combat his territorial instincts in the house, getting him to sit nicely and quietly when the door bell rang, rewarding him when he let her touch his head and handle his collar, all with love and patience – and plenty of top quality treats! Corinne even brought a fellow trainer, Anita, along to pretend to be a new dog walker. Following all Corinne’s training tips, Baxter behaved perfectly with Anita right away and now sits quietly beautifully and waits for a treat whenever our doorbell rings.

Corinne showed us that, with good training techniques, unwelcome behaviour can be rapidly overcome – provided you know someone who knows what they are doing. Corinne really does and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough or be more grateful for her help in making Baxter a much happier and stable dog.

Helen and Steven, Putney

laylaHi. My name is Layla and I am a two year old Irish Terrier. I share my home with another Irish Terrier, who is really perfect and gets on my nerves. I didn’t get enough training when I was younger because my owner thought I would be no trouble, just like the ‘perfect one’. Basically, I didn’t learn any manners at all. I fought with everyone, chased everything and thought I was in charge, which was why I bit my owner when she got in the way when I was trying to put another dog in their place.

So I got carted off to see a famous specialist, who wasn’t very helpful because we just sat in an office and talked. Blah… blah etc

Thank goodness my owner saw sense and Corinne came on the scene. I REALLY LOVE CORINNE. There, it’s out now. It could have something to do with the treats she brings.

Corinne did a long session at home with me first, just getting to know me and seeing how hard it was for me with the ‘perfect one’. I really felt she understood me, and that we were both determined to make my owner a ……better owner. A few days later we went out on the common and she kept me really focussed, introduced me to horses, and taught me how to move along out of trouble, or when the urge took me to have a go at another dog. Over the weeks we have tackled (not literally, you understand ….) joggers, bikes, pulling on the lead (still haven’t mastered that – owner too damn slow …), and my stick and ball obsession. I can now pass by a very high quality stick and not pick it up and drag it endlessly, inflicting damage on walkers’ shins as I charge past. If another dog has a ball, I don’t chase it, in short, I have learnt some manners.

I’m still not perfect, and neither is my owner. But now we know that help is at hand and that if we do what Corinne says, good things will happen. THANK YOU CORINNE!

Written on behalf of Layla – by Emma – Putney

miloWe brought Milo, our chocolate lab, home to us in October 2008, when he was about 8 weeks old. I’d always had dogs as a child and had assumed settling him in would be easy. I was wrong…

There are so many things you don’t think of: jumping up at the kids, jumping up at visitors and basically anyone you meet when out and about; running off in the park and not coming back; taking things out of bags in the hallway; stealing food in the kitchen, chewing….. The list really is endless! Thankfully I asked Corinne to come and help us with training pretty early on and it made a dramatic difference to his behaviour in and outside the home.

Some of the areas we have worked on are: recall (which is vitally important if you want to feel safe letting your dog off the lead in the park), sit, stay, off, drop, walking to heel. She has also taught us strategies to avoid problems like stealing things in the house.

Corinne’s training methods are very gentle, with lots of positive reinforcement and Milo just loves them. Our children have also been closely involved so they really understand the dos and don’ts of handling a dog.

We have learned so much from Corinne’s training sessions and have had a huge amount of fun in the process.

Rachel – Barnes

rafflesI was introduced to Corinne by friends who knew our Jack Russell ruled our family and ruined our golf! From an early age he had learnt to bark at the back swing and never looked back so ended up in the car or left at home. Corinne visited our home firstly to meet us and Raffles which proved to be the eye opener we all needed, not only did we need her help on the golf course but more importantly he was far too dominant in the house and on the street and beginning to be agressive which we had ignored not really understanding where it would take us and him.

Corinne has proved invaluable in explaining and coaching us all how to manage a dog like Raffles and we have made serious improvements in his behaviour and I feel we have been taught tools for preventing problems and spotting them ie. other male dogs! We are nearer to the golf course than we were but this will be a longer education due to his age and learnt behaviour, but we are winning and we do have a much more manageable dog than before!.

Raffles a Jack Russell who is 7 years old, owned by Venetia from Tooting

daisyWhen we got out first dog Daisy we made all the wrong decisions. We chose a dog that was handsome but we did not look into the breed and characteristics. We picked the puppy from the litter that was all over us and found we had a very determined and dominant dog on our hands. We found ourselves with the cutest puppy on the planet but she was impossible to train and a real handful! She was not easily bribed so food treats didn’t seem to work and taking her out for a walk off lead invariably ended up with her going missing on Wimbledon Common for a couple of hours and on one occasion her being delivered back by a stranger. The other issues we had were that she would launch herself at cyclists, horses and motorbikes. We decided we needed help and engaged Corinne’s services.

First off Corinne taught us to read and understand the signals the dog was giving off. With an understanding of how dogs think we were able to tackle some of the issues. We desensitized her to the things that made her crazy. Corinne took us up to a horse paddock and we got Daisy used to seeing horses and not freaking out. We did the same with the other triggers. We worked on recall which was a big issue. Daisy is not particularly driven by food, so we had to work out what she perceived was valuable. We worked on dealing with her when she was going to snarl at other dogs and reading her signals to see when we could walk past safely and when she needed to be managed and put on the lead. It was hard work but Daisy, now aged 5, is a lovely pet who we can proudly take to fairs and public places without worrying about her running off or attacking another dog. She is a real joy. Without Corinne’s help, encouragement and skills we would have a totally different dog.

Corinne has a natural empathy with dogs which is why they respond to her. Daisy still loves her to bits to this day!

Daisy an Irish Terrier who is now 5 years old, owned by Karen from Wimbledon.

derekWe had a number of concerns when we brought our lovely new Labrador cross home from a Provencal rescue last summer. Would he acclimatise to life in a London suburb under grey English skies? Would he understand English commands? Could we calm him down enough to stop him jumping up, chasing other animals, pulling frantically at the lead, and running off at the slightest opportunity? And how come his French carers had christened him Derek?!

Seriously, he was a bouncy, largely untrained dog with a chequered past so of course there were going to be things we had to work on. Our main concern was that, despite being incredibly affectionate towards grown-ups, he appeared to exclude children completely from his radar, and even more worryingly, had even growled at our 8-year old daughter.

However, from the minute Corinne came through the door bearing chopped sausages and a clicker, a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders. Derek was immediately responsive to her training methods, and she was able to reassure us that his problem aspects were at least manageable, if not curable.

Under her guidance we learned that it’s not Derek who has to learn English, but his owners who have to learn “dog”. We didn’t really have a clue about communicating with him before, but now we’ve learnt to recognise cues (such as the best moment to catch his attention, when to ignore him and when to distract him), to create opportunities for him to behave well and to reward him lavishly when he does, that you need to be assertive (but not aggressive), and to keep reinforcing everything he learns until it becomes his default behaviour. We have to give him the boundaries and structure his previous life (presumably) lacked, but within which dogs thrive.

Above all, his relationship with our daughter grows stronger daily, thanks to Corinne’s advice to make Laura his chief source of food and treats. He now recognises her as a valid member of the household – as well as sitting patiently at her feet till she is ready with his bowl, he looks forward to meeting her and her friends from school, gives her a nuzzle on the nose to get her out of bed in the morning, and she can make him lie down without speaking a word!

She’s also there to remind us that so long as we keep up the work even when it doesn’t seem to be paying off, eventually Derek will get the message – which does (slowly) seem to be the case. Despite regular lapses on our part, his problem behaviour has become much easier to manage: we still have to watch out for those irresistible squirrels and cats, but recall is much more reliable, he will stay at an open front door instead of disappearing off down the street, and is generally a calmer and better-mannered dog.

We still haven’t got it all right but we’re getting there with practice and Corinne’s invaluable detailed email follow-ups. It’s great to know that she’s on the end of a phone if we have a query.

We think we were lucky to find Derek, but also lucky to find someone who can help us recognise what a great dog he is, show us effective techniques for adjusting his behaviour, and who encourages us through the ongoing process of having Derek in our lives.

Still never worked out why he ended up with such an English name though!

Derek is 3-4 year old French rescue, owned by Tracy, David, and Laura from Wimbledon

muffinMuffin is our 3 year old cross Jack Russell/Chihuahua. He is a wonderful kind natured dog. However, unfortunately when I was jogging one day on Wimbledon Common he was set upon by 6 dogs that just came at him from different directions. He was really traumatised by the whole incident. From that point on, I found that I could not take him jogging anymore as he became very nervous of other dogs, especially if they came up too close, Muffin would snap at them, or otherwise, he would take a huge circle to get out of their way.

Corinne was called in to try and work out how we could help Muffin to feel more comfortable around other dogs again. Initially, Corinne told me to initially stop jogging with Muffin as this was putting Muffin in a very uncomfortable position.

Corinne thought that it is possible that one dog thought Muffin might be a squirrel and word spread to the other dogs and that is why they all launched at him from different directions for the chase. We needed to build up Muffin’s confidence again around other dogs. What I did not realise is that dogs, like humans, have their own personal space, and because of his traumatic experience he found dogs that were invading his personal space which was very frightening, and therefore the first lesson was to help him get his confidence back by a specific training exercise, and then we moved onto teaching him to meet and greet other dogs, but not to get stuck but to move on quickly.

It’s working! Muffin is now feeling much more comfortable with other dogs, and I am even back jogging with him again.

Andy and Vikki – Wimbledon

lolaMy name is Lola and I am a 6 month old Border Terrier. My mum knows Corinne because they both belong to RWGC, and she suggested a training programme even before I came to my new home aged 8 1/2 weeks. Smart thinking to start so young so I can become an acceptable golfing companion asap. We started when I was about 11 weeks old —it’s been hard work but such fun and the best thing is that Corinne has the tastiest rewards ever (Frankfurter !!). I prefer that to absolutely anything else in the world , a fact that my Mum has now grasped ! In fact I would probably do anything for frankfurter. I can even stand on my hind legs and do a little jig !!

Seriously, I am getting there and my aim is to be as perfect as my namesake Big Lola , Corinne’s black lab. Hence I am now known as Little Lola.

Corinne is great to work with and it takes a lot of concentration on my part as I am somewhat hyperactive at times and we will have to work harder on some things. I tend to make noises when I am tied up and left for instance !! On the plus side my recall is excellent and all Mummy’s friends think I spend most of my time default sitting.!! Watch this space.!

Written on behalf of (little) Lola by Armorel – London.

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