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My name is Corinne Jakubowski, and I am a Canine Psychologist and Trainer. I live in Wimbledon with my husband and two black Labradors, (Lola who is 10, and Bosco who is 2 years’ old).

Corinne JakubowskiDog psychology and training is my absolute passion. There is a moment that is scientifically called the “light bulb effect”. This is when the dog actually understands what you are asking of him, and it is from that point on that the communication lines are fully open.

Baxter, was my first dog as an adult. He was a “Barking Mad” Labrador. He was highly intelligent and could be over excited within seconds. As a puppy he went to clicker training classes, and a number of other sessions to positively harness his energy. The aim with Baxter, as with all dogs, is to anticipate their reactions in any given situation, and turn the behaviour around into something positive. It is Baxter who initiated my passion for psychology and training.

Old fashioned training methods typically included force, intimidation and pain. These traditional trainers may use a mixture of the above. The outcome is a dog which is submissive, unpredictable, and has mixed emotions towards his owner. This is not a method I endorse or encourage.

I am happy to say that all the dogs that I train, utilising new gentle scientific methods, are delighted when I walk through the door!



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