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Dog Psychology

The causes of canine problems in dogs are many and varied. An accurate description of my work would be;

The root cause of most of the problem cases I see is a failure to understand the dog’s normal behaviour. Owners want their dogs to be socially acceptable in any situation. Once you understand what is “normal” for the dog, their problems can be solved and adapted to living successfully with humans.

Every dog I work with is different. They have individual personalities, and values. I have two black Labradors that have some common behaviours and traits; they hold things in their mouths, and love to swim, both activities are genetically programmed. However, they are entirely motivated by different things in life. Baxter’s most valued things are his toys, and is not particularly interested in food, whereas Lola is not particularly interested in toys, but food is extremely important to her.

brainThe key to a more enjoyable relationship with your dog is to understand the brain:-

Research has shown that if the dog’s brain is actively engaged through training, and with good quality mental and physical stimulation through play, the dog will live a longer and happier life. So we can be actively involved in ensuring our dog has the longest possible life.

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