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Positive Training Methods

I believe that training is essential to ensure that your dog is socially acceptable, and can be taken anywhere. It is also your responsibility as a dog owner that your dog has a good and happy life.

My method of training is fun for you and your dog, and also fast and effective. A training session can be the mental equivalent to the dog having a five mile run!

There are many different training styles and methods. I use positive reinforcement, with reward based training, (the scientific name is ‘operant conditioning’). Reward training works equally well for puppies, or older dogs, and even for dogs who have had little or even no training before. No dog is ever too old to learn if you ago about it the right way. You can bridge the gap between human and dog.

Clicker training

clickerWhy the clicker?

The beauty of the clicker is that it “speaks” the same language to a dog, or other animals for that matter. It is a direct line of communication between teacher and learner.

Click to calm

In addition I also practice a method called ‘Click to calm’ which I studied in the USA. This method is used for reactive, hyper, or nervous dogs, the results are a more confident calm dog, and rather than managing them the whole time, they actually learn to manage themselves through “self-control” and the flip side is calm and confidence. It produces a “thinking dog”. ‘Click to calm’ is especially good for rescue dogs.

Science of Clicker Training

The scientific term is ‘operant conditioning’.

Clicker training is based on the science of behaviour. The importance of the click is the information it conveys. Behaviour is either “desired” (click) or “undesired” (no click). The more the dog earns a click and reward, the more likely he is to repeat actions that result in consequences it desires and enjoys. It is a two way process; so clicker trainers provide consequences desired by the animal in exchange for actions or behaviours desired by their trainers. We call these consequences “rewards” and the process is called “reinforcement.” Clicker training, therefore, is a positive-reinforcement-based system of training.

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Clicker training has been around for approximately 70 years. Behavioural scientists have been studying the field of operant conditioning since 1938. B.F.Skinner published a book called ‘The Behaviour of Organisms’. These theories were tested by scientists in laboratories for many years. It finally crossed over into the animal world in the 1940’s, where animals were used for military use. For example dolphins were trained for underwater warfare, but instead of clickers they used whistles as a marker signal.

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